Your mission action plan

Your mission action plan


Let’s make the healthy choice the easy choice!

Time to make your Mission Action Plan

How will you achieve your mission? Time to set some SMART goals!

How are you going to get others on board? Time to Sell your idea

Follow your plan to easier, healthier choices!

Don’t forget to check your progress to stay on track.

What's your Mission Action Plan?


Now you have worked out what you want to change to make the healthy choice the easy choice, it’s time to plan how you are going to do it.

Having a plan is important:

  • Everyone in your group will know what needs to be done, by when and by whom.
  • You can break your goal into smaller goals to make it achievable.
  • You can predict risks or things that might go wrong and work out ways to solve them!
  • Having a clear plan will help your teacher or other staff support you.
  • Having a clear plan will help you get others on board as they will understand what you are aiming to do and why.


Use the two tools below to help you develop a plan.

  1. What, how, where, when, who – these questions will help you become really clear about what needs to be in your plan.
  2. Mission Action Plan with SMART Goals – this will be your group’s agreed plan and will help you keep on track

How will you get others on board?


Now you understand your topic and have developed your plan, your next task is to develop a pitch for a message to “sell” it to your stakeholders.


  1. Read The Pitch tips
  2. Discuss
  3. Complete The Pitch template
  4. Practice selling your idea to another group
  5. Get feedback to improve your pitch.

Now you are prepared to complete your Mission!!


  • Think about the different target audiences: students, teachers, parents and carers, community members and what would influence or persuade them to support your plan
  • Is there a strategy that could influence more than one target group?
  • How could you use some of the strategies that advertisers use to sell your ideas?

Check your progress


How is your Mission Action Plan going?  Taking time to reflect and check your progress is important.  It will help you see what is working well, find any problems or road blocks and help you find ways to fix them.

It is a good idea to check in regularly – every 1 or 2 weeks depending on your project.


  1. Read the Mission Action Plan Progress Report
  2. Discuss as a group.  You may not need to answer all the questions. Focus on the ones that are most relevant.
  3. Write down what you agree to change.

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