Reflect and celebrate

Reflect and celebrate


It’s time to Reflect & Celebrate

Did you achieve your SMART Goals?

How are you going to share your successes?

What were your challenges? Did you overcome them?

Time to spread your influence…

Can you take your Mission further?

Did you achieve your SMART goals?


Congratulations!  You have completed your Mission Action Plan.  Now it’s time to evaluate!

Why evaluate?  Evaluating can help you see what you have achieved and how the work that you have done has made a difference.

It is important that evaluation looks at the strengths and the weaknesses. This can give you ideas on how to improve.

Follow the following steps to complete your evaluation.


  1. Remember back at the beginning of your Mission when you reflected on your own health and wellbeing and your health literacy? Don’t peek just yet… Do the activities again and see if anything has changed.
  2. Complete the Six Thinking Hats HYP reflection.
  3. Look back at your Mission Action Plan and include the things you were going to measure.


Report back


Now that you have evaluated your Mission Action Plan and reflected on any changes to your health and wellbeing it’s time to celebrate and share.

Even if you did not achieve everything you set out to, you have learned something – about health; about your school community; about yourself.


Here are some ideas for reporting back and sharing your learning:

  • HYP portfolio - compile all your work in a professional portfolio
  • Class presentation or play
  • Create a poster
  • Make a short film
  • Hold an event
  • Prepare a report with an Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion and Conclusion

Take your mission further


Well done for making a difference in your local community and for making healthy choices easier.

Wondering what to do now?  Here are some suggestions for taking your Mission further.

  1. Write an action letter. Contact politicians, media, business encouraging them to take steps on your Mission
  2. Start a petition.  Is there something else that needs changing? Get public support and push for change.
  3. Brag to Public Health Services.  We would love to hear about your achievements. Contact us using the details below.

Write to:

Public Health Services
Department of Health
GPO Box 125
Hobart, 7001

or email us:

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