Getting Back your Dinner Mojo

Getting Back your Dinner Mojo

Do you find yourself cooking the same few meals every week? You probably do this because it is quick, easy and you know that the kids will eat them. So how do you get your dinner mojo back?

Look for new dinner ideas

  • talk to your family and brainstorm a list of your favourite dinners
  • ask friends or neighbours for ideas
  • check out new recipes in magazines, cookbooks or online.

Kids in the kitchen

Children are more likely to try new things if they have helped to prepare and cook them. You can get children involved by getting them to help:

  • Toddlers – washing fruits and vegetables, mashing bananas or avocado, passing you ingredients, and mixing or stirring.
  • Young children – mixing and stirring, chopping soft fruits and vegetables, measuring and counting ingredients.
  • Older children – peeling and chopping, stirring and pouring, setting the table.
  • Teens - help your teenagers learn to make a meal on their own. They may even enjoy choosing recipes and cooking for the family. They will learn basic cooking skills and food safety.

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What if they won’t eat it?

Children need to learn about tastes and flavours, so they may not like new meals at first. Keep offering your child new foods in different ways. Let them choose whether to eat them and how much to eat. Be patient with them. You can help by showing them that you enjoy trying new foods – children learn by watching the people around them.

When serving a new dish always offer a food as part of the meal that you know your children will eat such as bread or fruit. This way you know they will be able to eat something.

Sharing meals

Sharing or ‘serve-yourself’ meals are an easy way to feed people with different tastes. It can also make dinner preparation easier. Put everything on the table or bench and let everyone choose what they want. Try these simple serve-yourself family meals.

  • tacos or burritos with different salad ingredients and cheese
  • Greek souvlaki wraps, with veggies, feta, red meat or chicken and tzatziki
  • Vietnamese style chicken rolls with fresh salad and chilli in crusty bread
  • home made pizza with different toppings
  • different flavoured curries with rice and pappadums
  • sushi bowls with rice, vegetables, fish or tofu.

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