Good Freezer Filler Ideas

Good Freezer Filler Ideas

Are you awaiting the arrival of a new baby, returning to work or looking for ways to manage getting a meal on the table? Eating well is part of taking care of yourself and your family. It can help you feel better and have the energy to do what you need to do. Stocking up the freezer with home cooked meals can help. Buy a selection of reusable freezer safe containers and start cooking. Some people find it easier to have a big cook up on weekends for the week or weeks ahead. Another option is make a bigger amount when you cook dinner and freeze the extra. When you reheat the meal, serve with some salad or steamed vegetables. Some foods freeze better than others do. Here are our top suggestions:

  • lasagne (meat or vegetarian) - make a large one and freeze in portions
  • casserole (meat or vegetarian) - most casseroles freeze well
  • satay chicken (when you freeze foods with coconut milk or cream they can look a little different when thawed, but they taste fine)
  • Butter chicken, Beef Rogan Josh, chicken and vegetable curries
  • apricot chicken
  • any kind of soup like minestrone, tomato or pumpkin
  • bolognaise (tip: any mince based sauce works well)
  • Shepherd’s pie (meat or vegetarian)
  • beef ragu
  • zucchini slice
  • dahl
  • chilli con carn (meat or vegetarian)
  • meat loaf
  • burger patties (meat or vegetarian)
  • fish cakes
  • cannelloni (meat or vegetarian)
  • meatballs
  • tagine (meat/chicken or vegetable)
  • Mexican filling (meat or vegetarian)  for soft or hard tacos, wraps, fajitas, burritos, enchiladas
  • pulled pork
  • falafel.

Other items to keep in the freezer:

  • pizza bases
  • frozen vegetables
  • pesto (can freeze in ice blocks and add to soup, pasta, etc).
  • pre-packaged ravioli (buy on special and freeze).

Freshness tips:

  • Freezing stops the growth of bugs that cause food to spoil. For best flavour and texture, use home-frozen foods within 1 to 4 months.
  • Place the newly frozen food in the bottom or near the back of the freezer, then move the older ones so they are next in line for use.
  • Colour code or label packages to help you identify foods in the freezer.
  • Post a list of all frozen food (with dates) near the freezer and check off what is used.

Food safety:

Remember to follow all our Food Safety tips when preparing and storing food.

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