10 Bring a Plate Ideas for this Festive Season

10 Bring a Plate Ideas for this Festive Season

This time of year often calls for parents to ‘bring a plate’ along to an event, whether it’s for school, childcare or sport. You don’t need to go to a lot of trouble or expense. Presenting the food in a fun and festive way can make it all that more appealing. Sometimes it gives children a chance to try new foods. Always offer water to drink.

Party food ideas

  1. A fruit plate - try sliced melon, berries and cherries.*
  2. Dip like hummus or salsa with vegetable sticks* or wholemeal crackers.
  3. Fruit or vegetable pikelets, scones or mini-muffins.
  4. Fruit bread cut into bite-sized fingers.
  5. Egg and vegetable slice cooked in cupcake cups or cut into small squares.
  6. Sandwiches with simple fillings like cheese, ham and salad, hummus and salad or vegemite.
  7. Mini vegetable frittatas.
  8. Nibble plate with a variety of foods like cheese cubes, fresh or dried fruit, boiled eggs, mini meatballs, wholegrain crackers and dip.
  9. Mini pizzas made with wholemeal English muffins topped with tomato paste, grated cheese and vegetables.
  10. Plain popcorn* – in small cups.

*These are high choking risk foods for children under 3 years. Always watch children while they are eating. Read more about making foods safe by grating, chopping, mashing or cooking until soft

Tip: forget cutlery, present the food in ways that makes it easy to eat.

Be food safe

  • Wash fresh vegetables and fruits before using.
  • Take care with foods like dips, chicken, meat and egg which can grow bad food bugs quickly.
  • Chill food well before packing. Do not take food if it has just been cooked or is still warm.
  • Use an ice brick and insulated cooler bag to take food in.
  • Cover food or put in a sealed container.

Read more about being food safe over summer