Paediatric Surgery

Paediatric Surgery

The paediatric surgical unit at the Royal Hobart Hospital is the tertiary surgical referral service for Tasmania. We accept referrals from all regional hospitals and medical practitioners across the state.

Who we care for

We care for all children and young people from birth to 14 years of age who have emergency or elective surgical needs. The paediatric surgical unit performs general surgical procedures (both open and laparoscopic) including paediatric urology procedures.

What to expect at clinic

You may attend paediatric surgical clinics for assessment before surgery or for follow up care after a surgery has occurred.

Paediatric surgery clinics take place twice per week, on Tuesday and Thursday, at the paediatric outpatient clinics at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

Children and young people attending this clinic will have an initial nursing assessment, followed by a review with a member of the surgical team and specialist surgeon.

The surgical team usually begins with

The child (you) and family/caregivers Children, young people and their families and caregivers are valued members of our health care team. You have a unique view on how your family works and the impact the condition has on your everyday life. We create management plans with your input. It is expected that children and young people will be actively engaged in their health care, at an age-appropriate level.

Paediatric surgeon

The Tasmanian paediatric surgeons are experts in both surgery (both open and laparoscopic surgery) and urology. They will review your health at each clinic appointment, make sure you receive the care and tests you need and will be involved in making decisions about your care. The surgeons will provide ongoing support to your paediatrician.
Paediatric surgical registrar The paediatric registrar is a doctor training to become a surgeon. Once they have met with you they report back to the surgeon or relevant specialist.
Paediatric medical registrar The paediatric registrar is a doctor training to become a specialist such as a paediatrician. Once they have met with you they report back to the paediatrician or relevant specialist.

Depending on your child’s needs the following health professionals may also provide care

General practitioner (GP) Your child’s general practitioner (GP) is a key member of your healthcare team.  Children and young people with surgical needs need basic medical care as well surgical care.
Other surgical specialists from the Royal Children’s Hospital If you need a more complex procedure you may be linked with a surgical specialist from the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. Your local health team will discuss this with you if required.
Dietitian The dietitian will assist in the assessment and management of your nutritional needs related to your condition. They will talk to you about your diet and make recommendations to support your health and growth.
Psychologist A psychologist works with you to understand the impact your condition has on your life and helps you to overcome challenges, change your behaviour and improve your mental health.
Pharmacist The pharmacist will help you understand your medication and keep your medication plan as simple, safe and helpful as possible.
Physiotherapist Physiotherapists are experts in musculoskeletal assessment and treatment. They can help with motor skills (such as walking), joint problems, pain and fatigue.
Occupational therapist (OT) Occupational therapists help people to participate in activities they find meaningful and daily activities that they need to do.  These activities include self-care (such as mealtimes or getting dressed), play, learning, school, work, leisure, hobbies and spending time with friends and family.  Occupational therapists assess and assist with movement, thinking, sensory processing and equipment.

How to access care for paediatric surgery

A general practitioner referral is required.  Your GP can submit the referral by following the directions on the Department of Health, Tasmania's Outpatient Clinics website.

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Child Health and Parenting Service (CHaPS) CHaPS work in partnership with families of children 0-5 years of age and aim to enhance the health and wellbeing of all young children in Tasmania. They provide child health and parenting information, support, assessment and advice. Services provided include completion of age-related growth and developmental assessments from 2 weeks to 4 years of age and assistance with breastfeeding/feeding issues, nutrition, sleep and settling, post-natal depression and wellbeing, child-parent communication and behaviour management. Services are provided from many community locations.

You can contact CHaPS directly on 1300 064 544

24/7 parenting information and support is available through an associated service, The Parent Line on 1300 808 178

School Through the Department for Education, Children and Young People, schools can access extra support or services to meet health and disability needs. It is important to discuss any individual requirements with school staff.

Family Support Services

(strong families safe kids)

Some families may require increased support through a community organisation due to the complexity of their situation or other vulnerabilities.

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