Take a Different Approach to Celebrate Halloween

Take a Different Approach to Celebrate Halloween

Halloween has become a great activity to get out as a family and walk around your local community to trick or treat. But do you ever feel like the focus is just on the sweets and treat foods? Well, if you’re wanting something new to try as a family, keep reading to find out some ways to celebrate Halloween and shift the focus to spending time together. You will also find tips to mix up the food you offer to children who ‘trick or treat’ at your house.

Start the conversation

Why not start with a letter or flyer that gets sent around your community in the lead up to Halloween. This will not only notify your neighbours but may encourage other families to think about offering alternative plans. This may be hosting a party in the local park or offering non-food treats such as stickers or stationery.

Offer ideas

There are some great recipes out there to celebrate Halloween at home and for parties. Choose simple ones and involve your children. Head over to the Move Well Eat Well families section of the website for some great recipes. These include a vegetable platter with a difference, a fun take on bananas by turning them into boo-nanas and some monster mini pizza muffins. These recipes all use foods like fruit, vegetables, dips, plain yoghurt and seeds. They can make for some Halloween fun in the kitchen!

Vegetable PlatterBoo-nanasMini Monster Muffins

Vegetable Platter skeleton


Instead of just doing the loop around your block why not see if other families in the area would like to get involved in some fun activities. You could try creating a map of the neighbourhood and having activities set up at each house for the kids to enjoy! The Move Well Eat Well Website has some great activities, head on over to find out more!

Create memories

Most children love dress-ups, mixing with other children and having fun. Making Halloween all about this, helps create life long memories.