Self Care is Important for Everyone, Including Teenagers

Self Care is Important for Everyone, Including Teenagers

We know self-care is important for everyone, including your teenager. It is doing any activity you enjoy that makes you feel happy and recharged.

Self-care is caring for ourselves. Many young people will turn to their friends first when they are having troubles. It is hard for your child to support their friends the way they want to, if they themselves feel tired, rundown and overwhelmed.

As a parent or caregiver you have an opportunity to support your teenager to practice self-care on a regular basis.

If you practice regular self-care, your teenager may do the same, and take on this positive habit long term.

Some ideas of self-care the whole family can use

Physical self-care

  • Exercise – walking, running, cycling, swimming or skateboarding
  • Sport – throwing or kicking around a ball in the backyard or with friends in a park, joining local clubs or gyms
  • Pamper - Have a nice long bath, massage or a home manicure

Mental and emotional self-care

  • Entertainment – listen to music, watch a movie or favourite tv show
  • Nature – head out to the backyard, local park, plant some veggies or go for a bushwalk or beach walk
  • Friends – spending time with friends either online or in person

Creative and spiritual self-care

  • Imagination – writing, drawing or taking photos
  • Learning – reading books, visiting the library, cooking new recipes, podcasts or local talk events
  • Spirituality – meditating or yoga

Remember what works for some won’t work for others, its all about doing what makes you and your child feel restored, rested and ready to face the day. Creating habits, routines and boundaries are all part of self-care.

Seek the help you need

To find out more visit Youth Network of Tasmania for a list of local services and online support.