School Aged Children

School Aged Children

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Childhood is an important time to develop healthy habits for life. The places where children learn and play can help children to eat well and be active. Here you will find information on:

  • how to feed growing children
  • lunchbox ideas
  • physical activity
  • looking after teeth
  • how you can help make healthy choices a normal part of every day in your family, your school and your community.

Feeding children

Eating well and being active helps kids to learn, grow and develop.

Healthy Mouth Healthy Body- looking after children's mouth and teeth.

For more resources Tucker Talk manual

Physical activity

Creating healthy places and spacesĀ 

Make healthy choices a normal part of every day in your family and your community. These programs are helping, find out how you can become involved:

Health on the Shelf - story books for children.

Family connect - sets children up for success and good mental health.

For health, community and education services staff

Move Well Eat Well is a Tasmanian government initiative that supports the healthy development of children and young people by promoting physical activity and healthy eating as a normal positive part of every day.

School Canteen Accreditation program supports schools to provide healthy food choices.

Family Food Patch program trains and supports volunteer peer educators, to promote eating well and being active for families and communities.

School lunchbox resources

Healthy Mouth Healthy Body - oral health resources.

National Guidelines

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