Limb Loss Community

Limb Loss Community

The Limb Loss and Limb Difference Community

As a person with limb difference, or as someone who has experienced lower limb amputation, there is a whole community of people across Australia, and around the world, that you can connect with.

Peer Support

What is Peer Support? >>

Peer support is when people have a chance to talk and share their knowledge and lived experiences. Peer support for persons with limb loss means speaking with someone who has experienced amputation. If you are making decisions about lower limb amputation or have recently undergone lower limb amputation surgery, speaking to someone with lived experience can make a real difference to your recovery.

How Can It Help Me? >>

A peer support volunteer can provide support for what you are feeling (emotional support), answer questions you may have and help you to feel like you aren’t alone on your journey.

How Am I Matched Up With Someone? >>

Each peer support service does their best to match you with someone like yourself. This could mean you are matched by age, gender, type of amputation, cause of amputation, where you live or personal interests.

Will What I Say Be Kept Private? >>

Yes, because the peer support services that the THS supports are managed services. This means that all the volunteers are registered, have had peer support training, a police check and have signed confidentiality agreements. What you talk about with a peer support volunteer will always be kept private.

Can My Partner or Loved-one Speak With Someone Too? >>

Yes, amputee peer support services can be helpful for your partner or loved-one. Some of the peer support volunteers are partners of people who have experienced amputation.

The THS has a brochure about Peer support that can be printed here

*Peer Support for Lower Limb Amputation in Tasmania

For further information please view the Peer Support brochure