Statewide Elective Surgery Four-Year Plan

The Statewide Elective Surgery Four-Year Plan 2021-25 provides a focused road map for a sustainable statewide elective surgery and endoscopies program over the next four years.

The Plan supports the goal of 22 800 admissions in 2021-22 and will deliver sustained high levels of surgeries across the four-year period with the aim of reducing the wait list to sustainable levels.

The four-year plan seeks to:

  • Provide a clear, future-focused document that guides state-wide sustainable delivery of elective surgery
  • Ensure equitable access for all patients, as determined by clinical decision-making and safety, regardless of where the patient lives or what procedure they are waiting for and enable patients to receive procedures within clinically recommended times
  • Promote the implementation of best practice, evidence-based models of care that optimise patient outcomes
  • Provide greater transparency to Tasmanians of the process that determines access to elective surgery
  • Ensure the system is designed to adequately meet the elective surgery needs of the Tasmanian population

The development of the plan has been overseen by the State-wide Surgical and Perioperative Service’s Steering Committee and includes representation from each of the major four hospitals and across the surgical services professions, including medical, nursing and allied health representation.