Tasmanian Rural Generalist Pathway Newsletter Edition 28 (May 2020)

Tasmanian Rural Generalist Program

In this Edition:

  • Future Rural Generalist – Dr Grace Waring
  • Australian General Practice Training applications
  • Hospital applications 2021
  • Recognition of Training time – impact of COVID-19
  • New RG Coordination Unit
  • Tasmanian Rural Health Conference 2021

Future Rural Generalist - Grace Waring

Hi, my name is Grace Waring, an intern at the North West Regional Hospital, Burnie. I am originally from Wollongong – about an hour south of Sydney on the coast of NSW. My mum is a veterinarian at a local clinic, and growing up, I spent a lot of time at her work, and helping with afterhours calls. I learnt a lot from her, but thought I was never interested in being a vet, I wanted to do human medicine. I moved to Tasmania for my MBBS, and as I was getting further into my training, I learnt more about the different specialties, and rural options. I then realised how much I wanted the “Jack of all Trades” job that my mum had – a little GP, some emergency calls, inpatients, and minor surgeries. This is what has drawn me towards the rural pathway, where there is such a wide scope for practice, and the clinician can provide many different services to their community.

As a student I chose to do my final years in Burnie, which gave me many fantastic opportunities. One of these was being the support person for a woman through her labour, and then accompanying her to theatre for an emergency C-section. I am very interested in Women’s Health practice, and spent my elective and selective terms in OBGYN/Maternity settings. Some of my GP mentors have been wonderful women who also dedicate their time to Family Planning and Women’s Health practice. As I do more training, I would love to be like them, an advocate for Women’s Health in my community.

*Grace is also a recipient of a Tasmanian Rural Generalist Pathway scholarship

Australian General Practice Training applications

AGPT applications are now open for Australian Government funded GP training in 2021.  Applications will close on Monday 11 May.  Information on how to apply can be found on the Australian Government's AGPT webpage

You will need to register your interest in the training pathway of one or other of the General Practice Colleges - the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine ACRRM or the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners RACGP.  Each College has its own assessment processes.

You will also need to indicate your preferred Regional Training Organisation.  In Tasmania, this is GPTT (General Practice Training Tasmania).  More information on GPTT can be found on the GPTT website

A useful publication is the General Practice Training in Australia guide -  available online or in hard copy at the RG office.

Hospital Applications 2021

Key dates for intern recruitments:

  • National Intern applications open:  Monday 4th May 2020
  • National Intern Applications close: Thursday 4th June 2020
  • National First round offers: Monday 13th July 2020
  • Final year students interested in Rural Generalist pathways are encouraged to contact the RG office at rural.pathways@health.tas.gov.au

Dates for the RMO & Registrar recruitment for 2021 have not yet been set but will be notified as soon as possible.

You can also find updates on the THS careers webpage

Interns applying for PGY2 positions and interested in Rural Generalist pathways should also be in contact with the RG office and the medical recruitment team in their hospital to request the necessary rotations required for RG training. Subject to satisfactory completion of the 2020 hospital year, doctors on the RG pathway should get preference for the required rotations.

If you are not already a member of the Tasmanian Rural Generalist Pathway, you are encouraged to complete a membership form and submit it to the RG office.

Recognition of Training Time – impact of COVID-19

The Corona virus epidemic and the impact on hospitals and Primary Care has caused some concern that junior doctors and registrars might fall short of the training required for full registration or vocational pathways.  A brief summary is as follows:


The Colleges and Training Organisations are being as flexible as possible and have made a number of changes to accommodate registrar circumstances.

In particular, please note:

  • The Colleges will likely accept minor changes in completed training time however longer periods of time may require additional training time to be undertaken
  • Some educational activities and workshops will be cancelled or postponed.  Where possible, these events will be delivered in different formats
  • Fellowship exams and other assessments may be cancelled or postponed until later in the year.  Some of these may be able to be delivered in different formats
  • Registrars may be able to count statutory leave as part of the required training time
  • Registrars are strongly encouraged to seek further information on their particular circumstances and visit the relevant websites at RACGP or ACRRM or GPTT


AHPRA will waive the usual rotation requirements for interns in 2020.  AHPRA will accept the following supervised clinical experience for general registration:

  • at least 40 weeks full-time equivalent service (a reduction of seven weeks to allow for isolation/sick leave etc)
  • the clinical experience can take place in accredited and non-accredited positions
  • the requirement for the usual rotations of medicine, surgery and emergency medical care are waived. The Board will accept clinical experience in any supervised rotations.

Health services that employ interns must continue to supervise them and provide them, as much as possible, with meaningful educational clinical experiences and teaching, as well as support during what will be a challenging and difficult time.

For the purpose of granting general registration at the end of the intern year, the Board will accept a report from the Director of Medical Services, Director of Training or another person authorised to sign off intern reports which confirms that each intern has performed satisfactorily during the intern year.

Further information is available at AHPRA - COVID-19 frequently asked questions (registration)

Tasmanian Rural Health Conference 2021

Save the date 20thand 21st March 2021 for next year’s TRHC to be held at the University of Tasmania, Cradle Coast Campus in Burnie.

It was very disappointing to have to cancel the 2020 conference, but it means we have a great program already developed that is ready to roll out next year. There may be some minor changes but the majority of 2020 presenters have already indicated their willingness to be involved.

We are also expecting to include the same, or similar, pre-conference workshops on Advanced Life Support and Mental Health Management in rural communities.

No doubt we will also have an emphasis on how COVID-19 impacted rural medical practice and Tasmanian communities and the lessons learnt.  Hopefully we will be well and truly in the recovery phase of COVID-19 by that time!

Click here for the 2020 program as a reminder of what we are likely to be doing in 2021

Have you completed your FACRRM or FARGP in Tasmania?

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Current Vacancies

For THS current Recruitment Campaign, please visit: Department of Health - Current Campaign

For GP registrar placements through GPTT, refer to the GPTT placement process information

For GP vacancies, please visit HRPlus

Events – 2020

Check out the Tasmanian Rural Generalist Pathway calendar for events of interest to rural practitioners.

Email rural.pathways@health.tas.gov.au to have your event included in the calendar.

This project is funded by the Australian Government through the National Partnership Agreement on Improving Health Services in Tasmania.